martes, 18 de noviembre de 2008

Tecnología que imita la medula osea!!!

Actualmente el ejercito de los estados unidos está desarrollando una tecnología basada en nanofibras que imita la médula osea y permite la propagación de células progenitoras de glóbulos rojos, blancos y plaquet5as. El objetivo, crear sangre artificial donante universal.....
Quizas en pocos años no haya más necesidad de donantes.....
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DARPA has awarded a $1.95 million contract to Arteriocyte, a Cleveland company that's experimenting with a technology developed at Johns Hopkins that enables the rapid expansion of umbilical cord blood. The company wants to adapt it to a manufacturing technology that will feed the military's thirst for universal donor red blood units. The technology, called Nanex, uses a nanofiber-based structure that mimics bone marrow in which blood cells multiply, according to the company.

Arteriocyte - Cellular Expansion (NANEX)

The fundamental challenge in the development of any stem cell therapy is the difficulty in obtaining sufficient numbers of stem cells to create a therapeutically active dose. Because of the scarcity of stem cells in human tissue, efficient expansion strategies are necessary to consistently produce them in effective quantities. Arteriocyte’s NANEX technology (ex vivo expansion system) has been demonstrated to rapidly yield greater than a 250 fold increase of stem cells. The NANEX technology is in pre-clinical evaluation as a system that will enable production of stem cell therapies from significantly lower volume tissue harvests.

Minority report!

Sin palabras....

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